IEEE-IAS-RO and Electrical Engineering Faculty of Iaşi have organized on May 24, 2011 a Ph.D. Students Seminar on “Electric-Power and Power-Electronics Industrial Applications”. 11 Ph.D. Students have presented their communications, which covered a wide range of subjects such as electrical machines, power electronics and cold plasma discharges. The discussions have been conducted by professors with significant experience in this fields (most of them are members of different IEEE societies) and represented a real support as concerns the future activity of the young researchers.

Technical Program: 
1. Possibilities of Performing Treatments on Seeds Using Cold Plasma Discharges – Author: Bogdan Gavril, Supervisor: Prof. E. Hnatiuc
2. The Study of GLIDARC Type Cold Plasma Electrical Discharge Managed with Microcontroller – Author: Cornel Hăisan, Supervisor: Prof. E. Hnatiuc
3. FEM-Based Analysis of a High-Speed Fractional Power Three-Phase Induction Motor – Author: Bogdan Vîrlan, Supervisor: Prof. Al. Simion
4. Original Method for Improving Performance of Two-Phase Induction Machines – Author: Ana-Maria Mihai, Supervisor: Prof. Al. Simion 
5. Improving Power Quality Using Active Power Filters. A Simulation Study. – Author: George Adam, Supervisor: Prof. Gh. Livinţ
6. Improving Control Strategy for a Fuel Cell/Battery Hybrid Power System – Author: Alina Stan, Supervisor: Prof. Gh. Livinţ
7. Position Control of DC Servomotors with PICDEM MC LV Development Board – Authors: Gheorghe Ursanu and Cristina Diaconescu, Supervisor: Prof. Gh. Băluţă
8. Harvesting Vibrating Energy by Electromagnetic Induction – Author: Robert Ghercă, Supervisor: Prof. Radu Olaru
9. Switched Reluctance Motors Modeling and Simulation – Author: Ovidiu Dabija, Supervisor: Prof. Al. Simion
10. Electronic Control of Switched Reluctance Motors – Author: Daniel Irimia, Supervisor: Prof. Al. Simion
11. Design Principles of the Permanent Magnet Motors – Author: Sorin Vlăsceanu, Supervisor: Prof. Al. Simion

Discussions heve been guided by: Prof. Al. Simion (IEEE Member), Prof. E. Hnatiuc, Prof. Gh. Livinţ, Prof. Gh. Băluţă (IEEE Member), Prof. R. Olaru, Prof. D. Lucache (IEEE-IAS Member).

                 Assoc.Prof. Leonard LIVADARU – IEEE-IAS Senior Member
                 Assist.Prof. – Adrian Munteanu – IEEE Member