Research Center

The members of the Department of Electrical Engineering are doing research within the SCECM (Energy Conversion and Motion Control Systems Research Centre) research centre and in the Research team on Electrical Engineering and within the “Polytech” Centre for Research and Technological Transfer of “Gheorghe Asachi” Technical University of Iaşi.

The SCECM centre continues the activities of former CNCSIS accredited research centres IELSI (Industrial Systems Electrical Engineering) – certified no. 139 CC-C/14.05.2002 and MESIA (Electrical Machines in Intelligent and Automated Systems) – certified no. 6 CC- B/11.05.2004.

The main research domains are:
• Electromechanical systems with improved performances (servos, field oriented control in electrical actuation systems, power electronics);
• Real time control for hybrid vehicles and industrial robots;
• Optimal utilization of the energy in industrial applications;
• Modelling and designing new special electrical machines;
• Electromagnetic systems based on permanent magnets;
• Embedded systems for industrial and medical applications;